Peter Sperry

So far telework and bring your own device programs in the federal government seem to consist of asking (demanding?) that employees augment agency appropriations (a violation of the antideficiency act) by providing their own work space in their home which must for some strange reason include a fire extinguisher and be open to inspection by supervisors as well as purchase their own mobile devices which would again must be open to agency monitoring and subject to confiscation wihout compensation in the event of an ediscovery issue. In return the agency promises to reduce the size of the employees assigned office space below GSA standards, require office sharing and posibly even hoteling which would imply the employee can either have no personal items at work or must move them from place to place as assigned. And we are expected to be both excited and greatful to our benovelent enlightened leaders for allowing us the opportunity to work from home, as long as we do not engage in any activities during federal time (which must be carefully accounted for) which would make working from home any more convenient than working from the office.

Remind me again why employees should view this as an incentive.