Julie Chase

Kevin, the reality, is, it is not going to change until someone forces the change. How can you be positive about innovation and positive alternatives, when the DoD is hiding behind a tree? We “had” thumbdrives. They were great! Stored alot of data that our contractor NMCI does not provide. Well, turns out the thumbdrives were, are loaded with malware made in a country we are not friendly with……..bye bye thumbdrives. Our legacy shared drive would get so full that our IT folks would send out an email telling everyone to clean it up or it will crash. Yes, the entire base SHARES a legacy drive, which can crash at any minute.The “solution” was for EACH organization procure an “approved” external hard drive with proper justificaiton. I have purchased 6 at about $200.00 each….and let me tell you the “process” is unreal. The hoops you have to jump through and it has to come out of the individuals organization budget. If we don’t have the money, you don’t get one.Then it has to be sent to the IT folks to put some type of “security” on it. So now throughout DoD and military installations there are little black TB external hard drives clogging desk space. Wow…one step back for the home team.

Kevin, I just don’t see it happening anytime soon. I can’t give you a best practice, because there isn’t one. I follow whatever comes down from on high no matter how conveluted, complicated, time consuming, waste of time and money it is. We will just keep buying external hard drives and buying software one piece at a time as budget allows, and hope we can afford the “updates” for the software in the coming year. Keep in mind other installations “mirror” what we do and they are hitting the “exact” same brick walls. And they are buying exactly the same individual software packages and individual external hard drives.