Allison Primack

Another LinkedIn response from Kelly Anderson:

“Depends on the culture. My agency has “real-world time” and “[Name of Agency] time.” Being 5 minutes late means you’re having a great day. Not because we play solitaire (or whatever else people think feds do besides working), but because most of us have back-to-back meetings with external folks with whom it’s not always politic to cut off at minute 59. Be sure to be mindful of your culture and norms before assuming that it’s OK to tackle this on a group level.

If your group values starting on time as a norm, I agree with addressing the issue indivdually. Ideally, this is something your team can do so that the “smack down” doesn’t always need to come from the authority figure. As the team leader, encourage accountability among your team members so that all members create negative cultural sanctions for tardiness (i.e., overcoming the 4th of the 5th dysfunctions of a team as articulated athttp://www.tablegroup.com/books/dysfunctions/Conquer%20Team%20Dysfunction.pdf).”