Denise Petet

You need to start on time. For several reasons. First, yeah, i don’t have 30 minutes to wait for the person that just HAD to hit the drive thru on the way to work. Second, if meetings habitually start late you start a domino effect. We had one person that was ‘always late’….well definitely higher on the food chain so nothing you could do, but a large reason why was meeting after meeting after meeting.

So I’d say in addition to starting on time, end on time. Make sure your agenda is right for the time allotted. Don’t be afraid to push people along and keep them on topic and on time, and 5-10 minutes before the end of the meeting, give a ‘last call’ and end it and let people go…so they have time to get to the next one.

People get trained. I’ve seen meetings that were perpetually started late to accommodate those that were ‘running late’. 9am became 915 became 920, became 930 because people learned that they could be late so got later and later and later.