Nicole Caruso

Another angle … probably an unpopular view

I certainly see the value of the solution you inserted; you set a standard and clarified the expectation. Considering you are in the project management world, it’s your job to protect the schedule, budget, and quality of the deliverable. While 9am certainly feels like a fair starting time, I always ask myself why the behavior is occurring. Something to ponder…

While you value time as precious and being on time as a sign of respect that is not how all see the world. I’m going to make a guess that you are a J (Judger) on the MBTI personality assessment. What I want you and others to consider is that P’s (Perceivers) exist in the world too. If you’re a J, you might view P’s as late-comers, too idealistic – not grounded enough, unorganized, etc. In an extremist example, J’s love structure while P’s feel suffocated. Why does this matter?

In an ideal world, we set out to engage all of our employees. In the process, we determine goals and objectives, design plans, develop solutions, and of course execute and get perfect results. I think it’s important to recognize the value P’s bring to the table as well. When you’re a leader you have to figure out a way to hone in on their visioning, creativity, and adaptability. The challenge is that these employees typically like more of a relaxed, ever-changing, open, and playful atmosphere.

Knowing this, what have I tried to do differently? I am slowly moving away from the schedule and focusing on the milestones. When I host a meeting, I spend a lot of energy communicating the purpose and desired outcomes in advance. This allows more flexibility in “how” we arrive at that destination and has even made virtual meetings preferred. I’m really trying to create a workplace environment that releases the potential in what all employees can contribute.

My last comment is about transforming the way we do business from efficiency to effectiveness in government. While I am naturally a J and go bonkers when structure doesn’t exist, I also have greatly appreciated the impact the Telework Initiative has had on my work/life balance. There is less of a focus on what I’m wearing, when I arrived and left for the day, and more so on the quality of service and deliverables I produce…we need to continue in this direction.