Catherine Robinson

I had an employee who would come to work dressed in cordaroy jeans a sloppy t-shirt and she would wear a hoodie all day long – with the hood over her head. Her clothes did not fit properly so she hung out in several places. The clothing was always very wrinkled and diry. Her hair was shoulder length and very greasy. She was in her late 20’s and had achieved her degree. I cut her slack for a couple of weeks but then had to talk to her about her the impression she was making in the office, her dress and the request that she bathe. She said she couldn’t afford a lot of clothes because the games she and her husband were buying cost a lot when combimed with housing, etc. And she tried to get a shower in every other day but sometimes it was hard because she would go to bed late because she was playing games and didn’t get up in time.

I suggested she go to consignment stores or thrift shops and find useable clothing at a fraction. As for the bathing, I suggested she look for a better schedule to do her gamming. Each week I followed up with her.

No changes were made or attempted at the 6 week mark. The office dress code is professional. I had to let her go.