I had a personality clash with a peer, same goup titles but she was hired 1 week prior to me. We both have leader personalities (you know too many generals in the group wanting to run the show). The heart of the issue was we had very differnt personalities she is very relationship based and I am logic based and though we had the same goal we had very different ideas of how to get to that goal. It’s was a battle between lets implement in steps, making those who are uncomfortable with change more comfortable verses, my no way why make 3 changes learn 3 processes all to get to the end result when we have the ability to go to that 3rd and final option right now. We both argued our case and let the team decide agreeing that the vote would be the plan for implementation. It went my way, but it took 3 years before I felt friendly with the peer again. It felt advisarial for a long time. If I said black she said white kind of thing. But you don’t have to like me you just have to work with me.