Faye Newsham

I’ve never had good luck with PRA. You can fast track it by submitting a pre-authorization for your task that will need PRA annually or is repeated many times in a year, but once you get into demographics you are collecting survey data. I find it very frustrating to be required on one hand to survey satisfaction on my website and on the other, PRA which does not have a standard satisfaction survey ready to go and, in my experience, a nightmare of paperwork which took us (last time we tried) over 1 year for a 5 question survey on a website. It is beyond me how a voluntary act (taking a survey) is considered a burden to the person who is taking it, nor how it reduces paper when it is all electronic. The original intent, as I have read, was to keep the processes from preventing a person accessing information equally as someone who chooses not to take the survey…as well as reduce overall effort and use of paper. You might be able to get away with it if it is optional to include the demographics?

What have others experienced (I’ve obviously had bad experiences!).