Sherry Taylor

There is a time and a place. If you are on a government website, I would think comments would be moderated so that a professional, respectful environment is assured. Same as at work. If I want a no-holds barred political discussion I have all kinds of forums for that. If we’re advertising this govloops as a safe social networking site for our “at-work” co-workers and trying to justify that to management, then we have to have some sort of restraint in place. You can’t tell me you have complete “freedom of speech” at your workplace. In fact, in this day and age you really aren’t protected by a web-nick either. Just recently in my city one of the frequent commenters on several local news websites (very sarcastic, angry, and demeaning stuff) was identified as a local politician and it was all over the news. I’ve also heard of (frequently) people losing their jobs over what they did on their own time on social networking sites. So, yes, it is what it is. Work time, work rules. Your own time – well you can take all the chances you like and say whatever you feel comfortable saying. Just my opinion.