Julie Chase

Around here, we just got some wonderful news…..”Panetta announces another BRAC”…..in other words….Release the Kracken! Now, ask yourself, “Would a young person out of college want to work for DoD?” Not after this announcement. Man your battlestations all you military installations….it’s about to get UGLY. Been through one, not pretty. Young people are smart enough to know, when the military (pick you branch) starts cutting, the civilians “know” less military to “support”, less civilians needed.


“The Army is on a path to drop to 490,000 soldiers and the Marine Corps to 182,000 Marines over five years.”

We are still in a hiring freeze, however, we are short many engineers, environmental, facility and aerospace. We are short contracting personnel, payroll and comptroller personnel. After this announcement, looks like it’s going to stay that way for sometime.

I know GovLoop is the “shiny happy people” place, but out there in the real world, not only DoD but other gov agencies as well are going to experience “realignment”, which is a nice word for “BRAC” followed by “pink slip”. And we ask “Where are all the young people and why aren’t they working for Uncle Sam?” Because they pay close attention to Washington’s Budget Cut news and decide, the private sector is more secure.

Oh, I and received an email from my tax preparer, it turns out the IRS is short-staffed and refunds will take longer (doesn’t say how much) than the dates projected. No wonder GE didn’t pay any taxes last year, civil service is being gutted.