Henry Brown

Probably doesn’t affect me a great deal, HOWEVER some of my contempories are currently working in private enterprise and they are amazed that I just recently retired, from the federal government, with a small pension. They get less surprised when we discuss the contribution made to the 401K. Where the government provided 1% and matched upto 5 percent Some of the companies provided upto 10% and matched upto 25% in a 401K (AND Social Security iswas also a player) There are other differences as well: to be fully vested in some takes 10+years plus; SOME 401K’s consist entirely of the company’s stock; Management fees are MUCH higher and are sometimes paid by the employee.

IMO the majority of new employees of any organization probably don’t consider the retirement program or most any other benefits. If a potential employee is looking at a government job would offer that if the pay is an issue there is a likelhood that I probably don’t/didn’t want that member on my team.