Steve Springer


FAI has an 1102 competency model and they use it every year or so to assess the proficiency of the acquisition workforce. So they may already have the information you need. If not, you can use their competency model to do your own assessment. You’ll need to have each person assess their level of proficiency in each of the competencies (best to use a 5 point scale). Then you’ll have to identify the desired proficiency for the type of job. This can either be done globally (e.g, all GS-13 1102’s should be a 3) or, better yet, have the supervisor determine the level for each of their positions (note position, not person). You can even have the supervisor rate each employee’s proficiency and average their rating with the employee’s own rating. This can all be done pretty simply using a online survey tool such as surveymonkey.

You can then identify available development options for each competency but the final choice for each person will probably be up to the person and their supervisor since everyone’s needs will be different.