Deb Green

My Top 10 Tips for giving Presentations –

Lesson #1: Powerpoint is an aide to YOUR presentation. It doesn’t give your presentation for you. You’re the star, not Microsoft.

Lesson #2: If you have more than 15 words on a slide, you’re wrong.

Lesson #3: If you have more than one animation or transition on the slide, you’re wrong.

Lesson #4: NEVER use the “typing” animation, and please make sure you NEVER include the sound feature for it. (ok, maybe this is just my pet peeve)

Lesson #5: Use pictures to frame your message or story for the audience.

Lesson #6: Be sure you can give a meaningful presentation even if your A/V goes kaput.

Lesson #7: Be sure you use your agency’s branded presentation template if you’re representing your organization.

Lesson #8: End your Powerpoint presentation with your name, phone number, email address so an audience member can contact you if they need more information

Lesson #9: If you need a presentation that needs more data than pictures, use the notes section to enter your narrative or bullets. Send/give the audience soft copes (or hard, if they’re dinosaurs) including your notes so they can have context after your presentation.

Lesson #10: Storyboard in Powerpoint – then transition your awesomeness to Prezi. 🙂