Steve Ressler

Some good ones from FB:

  • Jill Huibregtse McCormick I have a few… 1. Use a black background, 2. Less words more images and 3. do not read the slides!

    2 hours ago ·
  • Dustin Haisler Tip #1 Use Keynote 🙂

    about an hour ago ·
  • Sebastian Haselbeck Don’t use Powerpoint

    about an hour ago ·
  • Lauren Modeen Make image entire slide – with just a few words to tell story

    about an hour ago ·
  • Christopher Fink what´s powerpoint?

    about an hour ago ·
  • Hal Grieb use to to accent your presentation, not be your presentation

    about an hour ago ·
  • Jennifer Brand Make the background and text contrasting colors and avoid designs that cut through the text (or move the text so that it doesn’t).

    about an hour ago ·
  • Nick Charney Use prezi.

    52 minutes ago ·
  • Gayla Pickett Schaefer Use old MySpace code to make YouTube videos autoplay.