Ken Boxer

To get the ball rolling, here are the top ten ways I would define the culture at my organization:

  • Values Based
  • Focused on the Customer – understanding the needs of the customer and delivering results based on what we hear
  • Virtual – We have a team of people around the nation and access to people around the world
  • Focus on Delivering Value – everyone is interested in doing things that make a difference
  • Honest – with our clients, partners and ourselves
  • Values Making Things Happen – many talk about making things happen but we value action
  • Loyal
  • Practice What We Preach – we use the tools we recommend
  • Based on Partnership – we try for the win for our partners, contractors, SPI and ultimately what is a win for the client
  • Nimble – because of our size and structure we are able to adjust to changes in the marketplace and respond to client needs