Jaime Gracia

Arbitrarily setting limits of government contractor pay is not only bad policy, but especially detrimental to small businesses. It is hard to fathom how this Administration can punish a small business entrepreneur, who takes enormous risk in a very challenging market, creates jobs and value for the taxpayer, only to not be able to not be properly compensated for the risk assumption under the guise that their compensation is “excessive.”

It is a fact that rewarding top talent is vital for commercial firms to compete. This discussion on “salary” is also skewed, because it is fuzzy math and weighted averages for personnel. As a contractor and owner of a small business, it does get a bit tiring of hearing this argument over and over again, especially given the CBO report of last week that feds have higher total compensation packages than contractors, especially given education levels and the very generous federal benefit program that I can not even come close to offering. Do I think that should be capped? Absolutely not, federal employees perform vital missions all day across the board, and it is earned. Why should I be punished?

Has it not dawned on Administrative officials at the disparity between this proposed change, and the fact that companies such as General Electric pay their top executives hundreds of millions of dollars in total compensation, yet these firms pay little to any taxes?

Let’s put this conversation to bed, and let’s focus on more productive efforts like improving performance, saving taxpayers money, and creating meaningful relationships to working better together. Why do these efforts not get more attention?