This is so true. It came up in one of our meetings the other day (yet again.) We do all the work here, then it goes to a contractor making a huge salary who compiles a pretty report and turns it in to management. Then management gets all excited about what great work the contractor did. Really?

It’s demoralizing. We have minimal operating funds so the majority of our staff is structured to be paid from ‘soft’ funding. We have to put together budget proposals for those funds. The people who have jurisdiction over those funds nit pick us to death and sometimes return them to us discounted based on how much time is left in the fiscal year. Our staff was already doing the work and we still need to get paid the full amount. (As the budget analyst I am always telling them NOT to work before we get the paperwork back. The old, why by the cow if the milk’s free.) Yet those same people have contractors that are receiving hundreds of thousands and they discount a $3000 proposal from us. We have to submit a new proposal for every fiscal year. The contractor submits one proposal and can work off that for years. We have to justify our worth every year.