Allison Primack

I realize that the definition between these concepts will differ between individuals, but to me “solid directions and guidelines” is letting your employee know what needs to be done, versus “micromanagement” which is what needs to be done and this is the only way to do it. Depending on your employees skill sets, they may have a different approach to solving problems and completing tasks, and by micromanaging they may not be able to do as good of a job.

I definitely think there is a correlation between making mistakes and micromanagement. In my opinion a perfectionist wants perfection at the end of the day, where a micro-manager wants perfection every step of the way. Learning a new skill and working on projects depends on a bit of trial and error – whether it is trying new ideas and approaches to familiar tasks, or trying to complete a project that you have never attempted before. Even in projects that end up being “perfect”, there are internal ups and downs during the process. If you are being micromanaged it is more difficult to recover from these minor trials along the way, and thus more difficult to make your project awesome!