Sometimes I belive that freezing federal pay and threatening to make the federal workplace less secure and desirable is a roundabout way to decrease the size of the workforce. There are more appropriate and effective ways to not only decrease the size of the federal workforce, but achieve the real goal of increasing efficiency and effectiveness. I think the current attempts and successes with pay freezes are misguided and will backfire, if implemented.

The .05% will help, but what helps even more is the message the current administration is sending. Despite the meager amount (much less than the cost of living increase that was given to social security, etc.) the message that’s being sent is that the current administration appreciates us, believes in us, and will fight for us. It’s not about the money. It’s about maintaining the federal government as a competitive best place to work. The current administration realizes just how important the federal workforce is in contributing to a better nation and more competitive country in the global economy.

~ Ebony

Ebony Scurry, PHR, GCDF-I