Julie Chase

Down in our little ‘burg, my son graduated from college last spring and since he worked for Uncle Sam as a STEP for two years, he thought “perhaps” there would be something waiting for him after graduation. NO there wasn’t. Hiring freeze. And even though the MARADMIN “lifted” it a little, the eastern seaboard installations still can’t hire as they are over budget for 2013. So we are stuck. My DH is retiring at the end of this month. One of the few dinosaurs left (CSRS). I’ve 12 more years to go….But wait, what’s that….ANOTHER BRAC!!! NO, SAY IT AIN’T SO……TWO, TWO BRAC’S!! You’ve got to be kidding me!! But I’ve danced to this song before, that is why I am here, now I have to listen and worry to that ‘ol song again???

My DH and I are paying off his student loan month by month. Not taking the “deferment”, don’t want interest to pile on. Meantime, he is filling out applications for Lowe’s, Home Depot, grocery stores, etc….. so much for those 2 degrees and Uncle Sam wanting college grads, another pie crust promise. We are blessed he has a home to go to. Families around here are sticking together. Boomerang kids are the norm. My DH is taking care of the health insurance through his retirement, so it doesn’t come out of my paltry frozen paycheck. My son does not have health insurance.

Credit card is gone, 2 car payments are gone….the mortgage is still there, the taxes, the electric bill, and yes, filling up your tank in NC will bankrupt you. This is so ridiculas.

I use coupons, buy what is on sale. If it means eating Cheerios every week because every store in the county has Cheerios on sale and add a coupon to that and viola…at least we have breakfast.