Kenyatta Hawkins

I agree with Amber. While I have never experienced a pay freeze, I have experienced pay cuts. As she stated: it was tough, but I made it through it. I would much rather accept a pay cut for a short period of time than get laid off. It is a sacrifice. Companies are wrestling with the ramifications of the recession and taking tough actions; to still be employed full time is a blessing in itself.

Despite all that is going on in our economy today, I look at USAJOBS.GOV regularly and see opportunity. I don’t believe a person is likely to leave the government workforce, nor do I believe that pay freezes are deterring qualified people from seeking government jobs. Without doubt, a pay freeze creates a downward snowball effect. Cost of living increases and retirement reductions affect us in a large way over time. Unfortunately, all we can do is alter our spending habits in the short term.