Doniele Ayres

Andy, the psychological implications of extending the pay freeze are how I will be affected if the Senate passes and the President signs.

I certainly agree that everyone has to do their fair share. Let’s think about how government is changing though, EO to promote efficient spending, pay freeze, no performance bonus because it was thought to be a ‘loophole’, and the reports in the media that feds make more than 15% of the average private sector employee.

I like to think of my service as a federal employee the same way a vet serves their country. Of course I have a household budget much smaller than the federal government so I have to manage my money differently and that is the same expectation I have for my employer. But I don’t feel valued as an employee. My work is meaningful and important, I do my job because it makes me happy. The challenge will be how to keep me, and others like me, motivated when we are considered overpaid and thus undervalued.

If it’s necessary extend the freeze but please remember I am a citizen and taxpayer as well!!