Kanika Tolver

A pay freeze can easily affect entry level to mid level Federal government employees, because their salaries may not be at its full potential due lack of experience or lack of education. These employees may have families or may have financial obligations like student loans that may require them to need more money each year. Not to mention, the cost of living constantly increases each year and expenses like rent, food, gas, day care and clothing can be very costly.

My husband and I, have good Federal government salaries, but we have decided to focus on saving more and living a more quality life over quantity. We really try to live within our means, because you never know when pay freezes or lay offs will occur. Just call us “safe spenders”. It would be great if the Federal government would have free seminars that could teach Federal government employees how to better manage their income even after the pay freeze has been lifted.

Kanika Tolver
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