Thomas Poli

I have some experience with this. I work for a county whose finances were taken over by a state oversight board because of poor fiscal management and because the current county executive refuses to raise taxes under any circumstances. One of the first actions of the state board was to freeze pay–no steps, no cost-of-living increases-even though they they were in our union contract-nothing. The impacts to workers range from inconvenience for dual-income families to disastrous in the cases of single-income families. It’s not the kind of thing that smacks you hard right away–it’s more a subtle undermining of personal finances. My children are not in college so I am not struggling as much as many of my co-workers, but it’s a hardship for everyone. Many of us are still recovering from a “lag pay” arrangement of little more than a year ago.We’re hoping for relief next year, but there is no assurance until the budget is satisfactorily under control.