Jo Youngblood

-Communicate regularly – weekly, every two weeks, monthly; each sponsor has their own interval preference. I’m also sure to follow-up regularly on a request even if I don’t have a resolution yet. This just lets them know that I haven’t forgotten about their request and I’m still working on getting the information or resolution they need.

– Be excited about my work myself. Enthusiasm spreads. If you’re excited about what you’re doing, they’ll buy in that you should be the person on this project and quite often they will find themselves becoming more excited about the project (which is the best kind of advocate you can have).

– Don’t forget to add the appropriate personal touch. Find out what their favorite lunch spot is and have your weekly meetings there. Ask how the kids/pets are or about their most recent vacation. Establishing that somewhat personal level strengthens the relationship of communication – They wont hesitate to pick up the phone and call you about something because they feel comfortable with you. But be sure to keep it on a professional level. It’s not an appropriate place for you to gripe about workplace or personal issues.