Emily Landsman

Hi Tim,

While Facebook does continue to change the way pages show up in people’s feeds (I still haven’t figured THAT out) I think there are a few things you can do to to at least increase your followers to increase the chance of interaction.

  • Have you promoted your page? This would include a “Like us on Facebook!” kind of button on your web site, a link in your email signature, or a few status updates on your own page by you and your other page admins if you have any. (“Hey friends, you know I work for XYZ agency. Have you seen our page? Please visit and like us!”)
  • You might also want to consider Facebook ads. They are rather inexpensive and you can be VERY selective with your audience (by age, gender, zip code, interests, keywords in profiles, etc) and they have a number of different options as to how you can pay.
  • Make sure your wall is open so people can post on it. This will take a bit of monitoring, yes, but if I can’t post on a page’s wall and interact, there’s less of a chance I’ll go back to visit the page later.
  • Make sure your posts are valuable. Do you ask questions or otherwise ask for follower input? That two way communication is important. Links to news articles or news releases on your web page, for example, may be good to share.

Terry has two good points, though. Make sure you don’t post many times during the day, unless you have some sort of emergency, because people tend to see that as feed spam. Once or twice a day is good if you have interesting content. Also, if someone hides your posts, there’s nothing you can really do about that.

Hope these suggestions help. Have you tried any of them before?