Allison Primack

Sam Luks I think it is all of the above, plus, with the federal pay freeze, they will be making in 2-3 years what they are making now, and STILL trying to pay back their student loans, save some, and make ends-meet. Being a fed myself, I can tell you.. It is hard. Everything is going up, except my pay. Granted, I am not expecting a pay raise. But looking at what my private counterparts are making, a little bit would be nice. I am, however thankful to have a job, so I would take what I have over what I don’t.

As for the hiring into the Government… Yes, it is so darn hard, even to try and transfer from one agency to another. I think that is a probably another huge factor. Trying to get *in* the door take 3-18 months, depending on who you are trying to get on with. And being a Vet, well… lets save that for another question and answer session. 😉