Julie Chase

So if my base closes, can we move in with you? NC is the most military friendly state. That is why we chose it when we were previously BRAC’d. If you have never been through a BRAC, don’t dismiss it as “excess”, there are people involved. At my previous base (which closed), 2 people committed suicide, and many lost money trying to selll their home in a saturated market. When the bumping started and a higher level manager was bumped by a lower level worker because she was a vet, the former manager was caught bringing a gun on base. Yeah, Peter, it gets real nasty. And if it comes to the area where I am now, this little burg will blow away with the wind. And that is better? really?

The better solution, is to start with the bases in Europe. Again, the folks in DC won’t feel any pain, it will just be another newsfeed on their government provided blackberry….er ah, android. My bad.