Lauren Hersh

While I first had to convice my boss, we then had to convince a board of 15! I began with a cost/benefit analysis- how much we were spending on printing and mailing 85,000 24- page newsletters three times a year. The savings from mail alone could fund other desired projects, and the savings was in keeping with the Governor’s charge to smart and green projects. Since we were already assessed fees every year that covered publication design services from an award winning design team we were hardly using, I presented samples of other newsletters produced by the team. After consulting with our in-house publications layout person who was more than happy to let go of the responsibility, I factored the reduction in staff-hours into the equation. My boss and the board bought into the change, although one or two board members insisted we continue with hard copy mail-out for the first few editions. So far fewer than 2,000 of 85,000 subscribers have opted-in to receive the paper copies.