Tom Scibek

This depends on what you are trying to communicate. There are areas where going to paperless is definately the way to go( and this is coming from a guy who has 30 plus years in the printing industry) in certain instances and that you have enough back up that if one set of servers burn down, get fried, you have backup to retrieve the original. It was hard enough for people to recreate records when they kept paper records, but if all you have is digital and all that gets lost, what can you do? If it is stored on an older server, can you retrieve those records. I am not digitally savy, but I know that I cannot open a windows 95 program with my current software. By the way, paper is getting less expensive, and there are many ways to reduce the production cost of print. Print production prices have been going down, and your printed products should be less expensive today than even one or two years ago.