Elliot Volkman

I have been in very different shoes, but based upon what I say next will make it very relevant. Newspapers. While some of you may still enjoy your weekend coffee and the features sections it is very likely that based on the fact that you are reading content on this site that you no longer get the majority of your news from a newspaper.

A few years back I was the editor for one, it was dedicated to a small community, but there was a massive decline in ad sales and readership. While we had a rather terrible site initially I started to play with certain features that made it more interactive and easier to read. When I showed the data to my boss the answer was quite clear. They wanted to start with digital subscriptions, increase engagement on their content, and move away from paper.

Granted when it comes to agencies it’s more about ease of accessing information and saving money, but in my case it was about still adapting to the needs of others. If employees and citizens would be better accessing information online, it takes less time to publish, then why not?

However, I still prefer holding a book when I can, but an e-reader is much easier while commuting or traveling.