Raymond Clark

In my experience, cost is a smoke screen. Some folks, even the modern hip young crowd, want the paper. Why? Its accessable, tabable, and you can write on it. Yes, you can do this with a bookmarked searchable PDF, but its not as easy. And, folks with severe time contrainsts demand the ease of access paper products provide.

Real world example: I am responsible for providing the Congress with the Air Force Budget every February. These products are called J-books; large detailed budget justification paper documents. The cost to produce these is enormous for the entire defeense department compared to digitization. I started an initiative to digitize these into a seachable, self-executing PDF files. Here is what I found, irregardless of age: Those who worked with the products on a daily basis wanted the paper copies. Those who only used them for occasional reference preferred the CD version.

So, even though products such as Adobe Professional have made digitization more accessable, we have yet to solve the immediate and continuous accessability desired by day to dat operations.

Is there a solution? I open it up for the community to discuss.