Doug Tharp

I’m leaning toward virtual classroom and video. The virtual classroom will allow us to keep the personal interaction and sharing of experiences which provide great benifit to the other learners, and video, like ej4, http://ej4.com produces, because this is a method we’ve all been used to learning from since we started watching Saturday morning cartoons. The biggest challenge in converting current training material is finding the blended solution that presents each learing objective using the optimal methedology. At the same time, we are working on building 3D models of nuclear power plants and each component in the plant systems to be used either in classroom presentations or as stand-alone on-line modules that an inspector can use to not only learn how something works, but refer back to when there is an actual issue with the component, without having to physically be in the plant. Some of these are being incorporated into a gaming platform (movements similar to Modern Warfare) that allows the user to move around throughout the power plant and look at different systems and components without being in a radiation field. In the end, I think an organization will need the capability to employ multiple methodologies depending on the content and audience. This is definitely not a one-size fits all endeavor. My main source for eLearning information and trends is http://www.elearninglearning.com which I read daily.