Doug Tharp

The unfortunate part of this is that the budget is the main focus and often times the quality of the training is not considered. We have been doing more eLearning at the NRC, and most of it has not been very good. Designing training for eLearning is much different than for classroom presentations, but most managers see the cost benefit of reducing travel and materials cost and are over anxious to put the same old bullet-point slides used in a classroom discussion into an electronic format that can be presented through the LMS. Adding mono-tone narration and a quiz at the end may meet the requirement to say someone has completed training, but this does not ensure they have the knowledge or skill they’ll need to succeed in the job.

I’m currently leading a development team in an effort to identify the best eLearning methodologies and the eLearning tools to adopt at NRC. If anyone has experience in the transition process of taking more learning from classroom to on-line, I’d appreciated your insights.