Henry Brown

Have an axe in the fire…

OPM is making significant progress! The “chukle” of this whole mess is until congress quits changing the rules and expecting us(Federal employees) to do more with less the tunnel is going to keep getting longer…

Link toFederal Times Story

I know that for the past two months the retirement branch has had MANDORTY overtime… Have heard that the only leave allowed last Dec. was that leave that would impact the employee’s use or lose time..

Congress mandated the percentage of retirement pay that could be provided until all the computer processing was completed…

I (although I am probably a bad example) and several other people I have talked to were able to speed up the process slighlty by requesting a estimate of your retirement pay, where your HR folks do a significant amount of the preliminary work in determining what your retirement pay will be.

Have attached the report that Directory Berry provided congress