Katelyn Keegan

My office uses the OZ System Principles to keep everyone accountable and to recognize achievements, they developed cards and gave them to everyone to fill out and to pass on to coworkers. They say “I want to recognize (fill in name) for demostrating (Corporate Culture Belief) in the following manner (how they did so). By doing this, they have positively impacted the following Key Desired Result(s): (Corporate Key Desired Result). Given by: (your name) Date: (Date)” On the back of the cards are our cultural beliefs (for example: Deliver Results, Collaborate, Speak Out, Be Decisive, Be Responsive, Celebrate Success) along with a short definition of each. Also on the back of the cards are the organizations key desired results so you can easily fill the card in. Both leadership and colleagues use them and you can walk by anyone’s desk and seem them proudly displayed on cube walls. It’s not much, but it does remind you to strive to uphold our cultural beliefs and to work toward our key desired results.