Julie Chase

Terry, this GS05 is too poor to afford an iTouch iPod. I got a Sony Mp3 player for Christmas as an upgrade to my little Memorex player I bought for $35.00 5 yrs ago. No one in my office has a “smart phone”, again, affordability is the reason. You must work in the “high rent” district of the fed gov.

All I can say, it must be nice for some feds to be able to “plug in” anytime, anywhere to Uncle Sams network with nary a finger wag. Not only “plug in” but plug in personal devices and also “stream” music through US computers. Lucky, lucky you.

We aren’t allowed to have “wireless” anything here hooked to Uncle Sams, NMCI network. And when the new NextGen comes in, the rules will still be the same. No, No and double No-No