Julie Chase

Hmmm, do you mean on your own PC, laptop or Ipad/phone? Or are you referring to the “work” PC? If it’s the latter, that’s a big NO-NO. We were told NO listening to radio stations online, NO downloading Spotify or any other “streaming” music. We were told by our great IT gurus in the high tower that it takes up too much bandwidth and they can’t control any viruses that might “stream” in. So if you try to do it, …..you will get a nasty email with a finger wagging in your face. Best we can do, is bring in music CD’s, a radio, or as I do, hook up the work PC speakers to my Sony Mp3 player. (Can’t afford and Ipad, lowly GS, here) PC speakers are “separate” from the computer, so they “the great IT guru’s in the high tower” can’t detect what you are doing.