Robert Bacal

I understand things have gotten grey in terms of using personal equipment for business. I have considerable problems with the notion that an employer can require an employee to use their own technology for work purposes, but that’s a side issue.

I think that personal equipment is personal equipment. It should not be monitored, just because an agency is unable to, or unwilling to provide the essential tools for work. It reminds me of using a personal vehicle for work, which is not uncommon.

I can see an agency that provides a vehicle for work to check that vehicle for pretty much whatever it wants…proper care, evidence of drug use, whatever. However, if an employee uses THEIR own vehicle, it should be hands off.

Employers pay for the right to monitor and examine. Private property is still private property, and if it has mixed use, it still belongs to the employee. I know there are still grey areas that might crop up, but perhaps this is the best one can do.

Or are there flaws I’m missing?