Robert Bacal

That’s certainly a tougher issue to deal with, but I’d think the basic rule is the same. Use employer equipment and resources ONLY for official work. Let them monitor, inspect as they please. Use your own equipment and resources for personal use.

This works IF the employer is supplying the equipment for telework, something they “should” be doing as a matter of fairness, AND for security. In fact, I’d think it’s essential employers do that particularly since telework employees will likely be using the employer’s network from home, and there’s a lot of security issues that should not be left to be the responsiblity of the telework employee.

The only tough issue is the actual online ramp to the internet, which would probably be shared for both employer and personal use by most telework employees. If, however, different computers are used for personal and work, not a problem. Monitor the work computer, if it’s essential. Never monitor the personal equipment.