Programs fail to take into account that there is more than one way to arrive at an answer. Programs are limited to the scope and knowledge of the programmer. It completely ignores the more creative or innovative approach that is needed to help streamline processes which improves workplace effeciencies. Many truly qualified candidates, and maybe the best and brightest, may not make it through an automated screening process.

I did electronic testing for a job. The program for the test failed me because I did not follow the process, which used only mousing, to achieve the goal. My final products were perfect. After a protest and talking to the testing firm, they agreed that if the product looked like it was supposed to, and I achieved the desired result, the ‘failed’ test should be noted as a pass. I use keystrokes for entry whenever possible because it is more effecient than mousing.

Certainly agree with Mark’s comment about not being picked, but processed. And Dennis’ , “I wouldn’t work for that company.”

A lot of young people out there who are great at video games may not have good interpersonal skills. Though these days many games require ‘teams’ and interaction with other virtual players, they do foster collaboration to blow each other up.