Jana Opperman

On a slightly different aspect of applying for a job electronically-I have tried to apply to work part time at Kohl’s and after doing it several times and the wanted sign was still up I spoke with the manager to ask why I wasn’t called in since I applied. They told me to keep reapplying, they couldn’t hire me until the electronic application got to them! My 18 yo son keeps applying to Petsmart and they still have the help wanted sign up too, the manager there said apply and keep calling until they get to know him on the phone, they will try to get the application moving for him.

It seems like a waste of a good persons time-one has to “find” the correct triggers to get your application through the electronic process. My Kohls electronic application may be programmed to screen for my age or sex for all I know and not allowing me to be interviewed because I am over 50 years old, or maybe I entered a “expected” hourly pay that is too high-which would have been explained to me in a face to face meeting and therefore I could willingly be able to go for a lower amount. I want to know how a citizen can check on this process to verify if descrimination is taking place? Do I ask the FCC to look into it or civil rights?

My older son had problems getting accepted into nursing school because the college pays too outsource application reviews in a different state, the company refused to get the application reviewed in a timely manner even when the college asked for it. What good is that? The college extended the “due date” to apply because of this. I’m curious if anyone has gone through an electronic application process and would rate it a positive experience?