Don Fitchett

MIT is very insightful of future needs and we as a training company follow their lead. We commend MIT for their free online education, even though it may slightly lower our revenue. Why? Two reasons..

1. Getting society more access to to more education is more important than more profits.

2. It is not MIT threatening the need for traditional college programs, it is market demand resulting in change.

It is just that MIT is leading the way, as they typically do. We offer much free online training following their lead and now should develop free online certificate courses in the near future. I have often said a degree based on years of education is outdated. A degree should be based on knowledge and skill needed, even it that only takes 1 year 3 months. :>) Employers are starting to break out of the degree mindset too and viewing education more realistically. Centuries ago I thought, what? Is it coincidence that it takes the exact amount of time (2 years, 4, 8) to learn what is needed to do every occupation? No, some professions can be learned much quicker and traditional college programs just add filler material the student would never need to make program last the same amount of hours of education. Conforming training material to fit a time slot instead conforming it to fit the profession is not practical.