Julie Chase

No kidding. If one is looking for cuts….look no further than your own office. Our office has been in the paper reduction for quite some time now. I admit our technology is a bit dated (turn of century maybe), but what we can save/store, we do. Printing is kept at a minimum. We use email and Share Point, plus we purchase large external drives for storage, since our contractor is stingy. Any procedures or sign off, I no longer walk to my managers office and place in the IN box. I email in .pdf and he digitally signs everything and returns it to me. I save a copy for myself and if it has to be sent, it is emailed. Larger files, I put on a CD which gets delivered to whatever office needs to look at it OR, what we are starting to do now is put it on Share Point and give permission to the person/s/ who we want to access it, to get it. We have “mandatory” recycling, everything from toner cartridges to water bottles. Due to the hiring freeze we are short close to 50 people and we can’t hire. We aren’t in the 1 for every 3 program that every other agency is blessed with.

It’s kind of funny to us…..because we are “told” from “on high” we must do this. Our govvy fleet has been cut and organizations beg and borrow from each other on the installation for a vehicle (which is either electric, hybrid, or flex fuel, as mandated). However, when the VIP’s come down from DC to visit with us, they ask the Transport for “A LARGE SUV”. At our installation, we don’t have any to give them, because of the mandate. It would do my heart good to see them riding around in a C Pool Dodge Avenger or electric cart like we have to. Do as I say, not as do, is the norm.

There are some “cuts” right there….and look, no RIF, no loss of employees…nice huh? Now do we really need a gov provided Andriod?? Really?? Do we??