Dennis V. Damp

Most jobs are advertised on USAJobs, however there are still a few agencies that advertise their jobs individually. For a list of all agencies and their recruiting sites visit http://www.federaljobs.net. Yes, if the job is posted on USAJobs you must apply online using their online resume builder to submit your application and they generally list an HR contact that you can email or call if you need assistance. The application and federal style resume is considerably more detailed than the private sector resume you are familiar with. Look up a copy of The Book of U.S. Government Jobs, the new 11th edition for complete guidance on how to apply and much more. This book is also available at many libraries for check out. Prepare you resume offline using the guidance in the book and then copy and paste the information into the online USAJobs resume builder.

Dennis Damp, author of The Book of U.S. Government Jobs