Camille Roberts

Hi Ari,

A couple of benefits of the online Resume Builder is for the person who is new to the federal hiring process, as well as someone who does not have a resume created in Word. The online Resume Builder will “guide” the person through building their resume, including all the details that are required of a federal resume.

Yes, there are aspects of the builder not found in what is referred to as private sector resumes, but this information is not keyword related per se. These “aspects” include supervisor names and contact information, whether or not the supervisor can be contacted, number of hours worked per week, salary, and relevant coursework, to name a few. Keywords are important for both private sector and federal resumes.

Another “benefit” is there are a lot of job announcements that require that you apply with the resume created using the Resume Builder, rather than the uploaded resume created in Word.

Does that help answer your question?