Doris Tirone

ALLFederal Agencies are required to post General Schedule (GS) and Wage Grade (WG) vacancies on USAJobs if they are recruiting outside their own Department/Agency.

Having said that, Federal employers may recruit to fill vacancies through Schedule A, B, and C appointing authorities and these do not always make it to the USAJobs website; that’s because these types of appointments are “excepted” and do not require competition.

Title 5 USC § 2301 requires Federal employers to assure “Fair and Open Competition” under the Merit System Principles. Once a job has opened to the public, the law disallows HR Specialist from accepting resumes directly from applicants because all applicants must receive the same treatment under the law. The reason you see the names of HR representative listed in every job announcement is to allow applicants a means by which to ask questions about a job vacancies and/or to get further information before submitting their USAJobs application; emaiing your information directly to the HR Specialist, however, is not recommended.

If you find it difficult to navigate the USAJobs website, know that this site is easier to navigate than most sites that Federal employees maneuver in the course of a normal workday! Perhaps it would be helpful to think of the USAJobs website as a type of “gatekeeper” that screens applicant’s from the very beginning to see if they’re really cut out to handle the daily frustrations one is expected to handle as a Federal employee.