Sharon Erickson

I should have added that we are a small unit of 20 people, 4 including me are supervisors, It is a Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. We handle patient accounts that have services rendered at the County clinic’s. We do not have to work a front counter. Everyone has their own assignments so no one is dependent on each other in most cases. About 4 years ago a new middle supervisor started this rule because she wanted to know everything about everybody, since she did not make it in the unit and is now gone, the manager still wants to continue the policy now that we replaced the middle supervisor, only one of the supervisors is responsible for time off and time sheets. Everyone has a different start time including the supervisors, the direct supervisor is the first to arrive in that side, so there is really no reason that the second call in supervisor to have the phone call also since he comes in 30 mins later. Also we have each others password for voice mails so that if we are not at work, the call in messages can be retrieved. I really think this is a policy for control and since all of the line staff hate it, then it is kept in place. I just really think that stating all Government agency’s use this policy as well as most private sectors is not true and what to show her that it is not everywhere and in fewer work places the is stated, Thank you for your replys