Terrence Hill

Sounds to me like someone has been abusing their sick leave and instead of dealing with the abuser, everyone is made to suffer. This is what happens when employees show that they are not trustworthy. The process becomes more burdensome for us all. This is usually an indicator of a much bigger trust issue in the workplace. The only way to overcome it is to demonstrate that you are trustworthy by not only complying with this ridiculous rule, but proving to management that the rule is not necessary. Try calling in the night before instead of waiting until the day that you are sick. Try coordinating coverage with your co-workers instead of just calling the supervisor. Try teleworking so that you don’t need to call in sick at all. Maybe try to implement new process that doesn’t requiring calling – maybe e-mailing everyone at once. Be proactive in the face of bureaucracy and please don’t complain. That does nothing to instill trust.