Mark Hammer

I have two principle heroes. One is composer Charles Ives, who had the most remarkable career as brilliant visionary composer, co-founder of the Mutual of New York insurance company (the very company whose brightly lit sign was the inspiration for the title of the Tommy James / Billy Idol hit “Mony, Mony”), patron and bankroller of a considerable chunk of early 20th century American composers (with the fortune made in insurance), and doting father of 5. He was also, by all outward appearances and accounts, a crank. I have no idea what sort of boss he was, but I’d be curious.

My other hero is Fred (Mister) Rogers, and quite frankly, I have yet to hear anything bad about him from anyone. Sometimes that happens. People made fun of him, so I guess his flaw was that he was one of the most wonderful dweebs there ever was.

Oddly enough, they both studied at Dartmouth College in NH.